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As the Co-op gears up for expansion, we know we need to do our homework. We know we know more about our members than about our non-member shoppers. And there are a lot of other known unknowns we still need to find out to inform our decision-making. So in the next few weeks, we'll be doing at CAT study, which basically means asking you some questions right after you check out.

Check out our weekly Local Monday afternoon showcase of the locally made bounty of our area. Taste samples, meet vendors and save on great products that are made within 150 miles of Philadelphia.

This is the month to celebrate your right to choose non-GMO! Get the facts about food frankensteining and know what you're eating. This is important stuff.

We saved the best for last! Wrap the Eating with Body in Mind 2014 series Thursday, November 13, with "Teas, Herbs and Sauces." Weavers Way Co-op staffer and expert nutrition concierge April Pedrick will give you the scoop!

Want backyard chickens back in Philadelphia? Join Philadelphia Backyard Chickens on Facebook, and squawk to your City Councilperson!

The WWCP Farm Stand the WWCP Farm Stand is open on Tuesdays from 3-6pm outside of the Chestnut Hill location of the Co-op!

Some Co-op members are calling for a boycott of Eden Foods, the venerable supplier of organic products to Weavers Way and many other outlets. It's complicated, so we're having a meeting about it.

No wallet? No problem! An EasyPay Account is a prepaid account credit. It acts like a gift card — but there’s no card, and you can add money to your account over and over again. The balance is attached to your member account. You can load your account and check out your items at the same time! Just show a picture ID or your membership card at the register.

Chestnut Hill grocery staffer Mel Marmer is also Weavers Way’s chalkboard artist. Check out his work at all the stores. We have some pictures of some examples posted here for posterity. 

The 2014 Spring General Membership Meeting was held May 18 at the Chestnut Hill Friends Meetinghouse. Farm Manager Nina Berryman used a PowerPoint presentation to show how the farms address the Ends that govern everything we do at Weavers Way. Weavers Way Community Programs Executive Director Jill Fink described the new WWCP strategic plan.


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