EasyPay House Credit Accounts & "No-Receipt" Option Available to Members

No wallet? No problem! 

An EasyPay Account is a prepaid account credit. It acts like a gift card — but there’s no card, and you can add money to your account over and over again. The balance is attached to your member account. You can load your account and check out your items at the same time! Just show a picture ID or your membership card at the register. 

Sign up at the register! It’s that ea$y!

And save a tree, why dontchya?

We ask if you actually want a receipt — less waste for a happier Earth!

Receipts print automatically for:

  • Non-member transactions.
  • Transactions with debit cash back.
  • Any transaction with a single line item of $25 or more.
  • Gift-card purchases, donations and member investment payments.