EasyPay Pays You Even More in March

Think getting a $2 bonus for depositing $100 is sweet? How about 5% for your EasyPay deposit of $100 and over — and how about, for a change, being able use a credit or debit card to get that bonus?

That's how EasyPay works in the month of March — $100 in, $105 to spend. (Try to find a checking account that's paying that kind of return.) After March, you can still get 2% for depositing $100 with cash or check.

The EasyPay secret: No wallet? No problem!

Every member household has an EasyPay house account. To shop with it, just put money in it.

  • At the register: Pay with cash, check, credit card or debit card at the register.
  • In the Online Member Center: Log in anytime, go to My EasyPay and add funds using a credit card.

EasyPay works like a gift card — just show your membership card (or a photo ID) and fly through checkout.

EasyPay is a benefit of membership.

It's only available to Weavers Way members. So if you haven't already joined, you might want to sign up to become a Co-op member-owner right now.

We'll help you save a tree, too.

You can review your receipts in the Online Member Center. You can even opt to have them emailed to you automatically. (Just click on the E-Mail Receipt Preferences button.) But we'll always ask if you want an actual paper receipt on any purchase.