A Great Day at Harvest on Henry

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Harvest on Henry such a big success! We had our largest turnout yet, with more than 1,200 people counted at the main entrance. The music was great, the weather was perfect, and the food was better than ever with Weavers Way running the grills.

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We are particularly proud of how involved the Saul students are in pulling off this event, and this year they really rose to the occasion! Students ran all the activities and were responsible for making and selling the majority of the desserts.

Harvest on Henry is about bringing our farm communities together over a celebration and appreciation of the fall and our farms. It's also a fundraiser to support our farm operations, which not only grow healthy food for the community but also bring people together to learn from one another. During Harvest on Henry, Saul freshmen sit with longtime Co-op members on the hayride, teenagers paint the faces of shareholders’ kids, Weavers Way staff and board members sell tickets alongside high school students, teachers greet neighbors as they walk into the event, and so much more. The teachers at Saul generously open up their campus and volunteer their time so attendees can explore the Saul farming operation.

Here are a few astounding numbers to give you an idea of the day’s success:

  • Total crowd count: 1,240 people walked through the gates
  • Weavers Way cooperators and volunteers: 80
  • Saul students and teachers participating: 85
  • Weavers Way and Food Moxie staff participating: 30
  • Money raised for farm programs: $9,553.60

Contest Winners

Pie Contest, Fruit Category:
First Place: Tie! Alicia Rink and Saul student Ashley Mitchell
Second Place: Emma Dosch

Pie Contest, Other Category:
First Place: Kim Bell
Second Place: Georgia Kirkpatrick
Third Place: Ann Nozica-Cashman

Cow Plop Bingo Winner:
Scott Blunk

2016 Harvest on Henry Gallery