Success for Urban Farm and Community Gardens!

The urban farming community has successfully prevented a bill that would have saddled community gardens and market farms with onerous fees and legal burdens. City Councilman Brian O’Neill has amended Bill 120917, restoring community gardens and market or community supported farms in areas zoned CMX-2 and 2.5 as a matter of right, as was originally allowed in the City’s new zoning code. This is an incredible victory for community gardens and farms, as well as the Philadelphia community as a whole. The Campaign for Healthier Foods and Greener Spaces, an affiliation of Philadelphia groups and organizations who organized to fight the changes, congratulates to everyone who contacted City Council about this issue. It worked!

The Campaign for Healthier Foods and Greener Spaces looks forward to working together to continue this momentum forward. For more information and updates on related issues, visit the campaign on Facebook or visit the Campaign's web page for some background on this issue, and updates on related issues.