Brita Filter Recycling

Brita Filter Recycling.


Weavers Way is now accepting Brita Filters for recycling


The Weavers Way Environment Committee, in cooperation with staff at the Mt. Airy store, has begun a pilot program to collect used water filters from Brita pitchers. The filters are not recycled by the City of Philadelphia, so we want to give the community the opportunity to recycle these popular filters. 


Bring your filter to the Mt. Airy store. The collected filters will be mailed en-mass to a recycling facility in New York State. The recycled plastic will be used to make new Preserve tooth brush and razor handles. A donation of .50 for each filter is suggested to cover postage costs. Any overage collected will go into the Environment Committee's recycling fund, which makes grants to local community environmental and beautification projects. Thanks for recycling!