Equity Payment

Among the requirements for membership in Weavers Way is an investment in the Co-op's equity. Each household invests up to $400 in equity in the Co-op (or more, if they choose), which can be paid upon joining, or in $30 annual installments. Being a Co-op member means being an owner in a very real sense, and when you pay this investment, you are buying your share of equity in your co-op, your share of the bricks and mortar, and the future of Weavers Way. But since this money is an investment, and not a fee, if at any time you leave the Co-op, you get back your share of equity in the Co-op, usually the total of whatever you have invested in it. 

Whether you are paying the $30 annual investment, your full $400, or anything in between, you can mail a check, pay at the cash register in our stores, or you can pay online.  To see what you already have invested in equity in Weavers Way, or to make a payment, log in to our Online Member Center. Thanks for being a member!