Gluten Free Vendors at Weavers Way

Below is a short list of many of our vendors who make gluten free products. If you don't see a vendor or product on this list, please ask! We may just have it available, and if not, it's possible we can get it for you!

*Certified Gluten Free

Vendors with Full Gluten Free Product Lines

Sweetnote Bagels – Local!    Amaranth Bakery*     Taffet’s Baguette*    Liz Lovely*   Bragg’s Liquid Aminos*        Seasnax*Green Mountain Gringo*     Gluten Free Café Soups*    Living Harvest Hemp milk*     FlaxUSA Flax milk*     Glutino *     Suzanne’s Alternative Sweeteners     Truvia Alternative Sweeteners     Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener     Madhava Coconut Sugar     Lundberg Rice*     Mary’s Gone Crackers*     GO Raw Cookies*     Nasoya Tofu     Twin Oaks Tofu     Mori-Nu Tofu     Nourish Organic     Oregon Wild Hebs     Dr. Bronner     Maine Root     Reed’s     Mira’s Homemade Granola*     Zevia*     Nutiva Hempseed     Sahale snacks*     Ancient Harvest pasta*     Justin’s Nut Butter*     Barney’s Nut Butter*     Once Again Nut Butter     Bola Granola     Awesome Foods     Kozy Shack


Vendors with Gluten Free Products

Wholesome Sweeteners     Amazake Shakes     King Arthur Flour     Erewhon     Once Upon a Cookie     Nature’s Path EnviroKidz Cereals*     Amy’s     Imagine Soups     Barbara’s Snacks     Applegate     Bell and Evans     Almond Breeze Milk     Eden     Jyoti Indian Foods     Thai Kitchen     Ciao Bella Sorbet and Gelato     Talenti Gelato     Sunshine Organic Veggie Burgers     Kiss My Face     Alaffia     Bionaturae pasta


Gluten Free Vitamin and Supplement Vendors

Country Life*     Rainbow Light Vitamins     Manitoba Protein Powders      Amazing Grass     Vega     American Health Probiotics     Nutrition Now     Yerba Prima