Online Work Calendar

Weavers Way's Online Work Calendar enables Co-op members to sign up for work hours, view and edit their household’s information 24 hours a day, from Weavers Way stores, a mobile phone or personal computer.

Connecting Online

You can connect to the Online Work Calendar through the Online Member Center. If you are connecting from the store, use the terminal located to the left of the dairy case. The login screen should already be active.


There are two ways to contact us for help with the Online Work Calendar: You can call us at 215-843-2350, ext. 322 or email us at You can also access the site at the Mt. Airy store, where dedicated computers are set up and you can get help directly from our staff.

Usernames and Passwords

Usernames and passwords are e-mailed to new members when they join the co-op. If you do not receive this information in a timely manner, please call 215-843-2350, press “0,” and ask for the Shift Manager or Membership Manager.  You can also request that your password be emailed to you directly through the Online Member Center.

Note: Each member of your household has a unique username and password.

Your Home Page

After you log in, you will reach your Home Page, which contains member and equity information, workshare credit information and household cooperator information. Buttons for Shift Searching are also on the Home Page. You can get back to this screen from any other screen by pressing the green Home button on the left hand menu.

All upcoming cooperator shifts you have signed up for are listed as well as a tally of hours already completed. You can get details about any upcoming shifts by clicking on that shift in this list.

Cooperators in My Household

This section lists all household members. You can view and change information about yourself by clicking the Edit button next to your name. You can also use the Add a Cooperator button to add any new members to your household. Using the Edit My Household button, you can view and change information about your household such as your address, primary phone number. Click My Household’s Beneficiary to update your beneficiary.

Scheduling Your Hours

To schedule your work hours, you will need to search the Online Calendar for available shifts and then choose the shifts that work best for you. There are several ways to find available shifts:

Quick Search Form

On the right hand side of the Home Page, you can select certain kinds of shifts and specific start and end dates, then press the Search button to bring up all the shifts matching those criteria.

Monthly Calendar

The Monthly Calendar button will show you a calendar from which you can select a day with open shifts. Then you can select the date you want and choose from among the shifts available on that day.

This Week’s Open Shifts

This Week’s Open Shifts will show the open shifts for this week, ending on Saturday.

Search For Open Shifts

Search for Open Shifts will bring up a more advanced search screen than the Quick Search Form.

Signing Up for a Shift

Once you have found the shift you want to sign up for, click the Sign Up link to see more details about the shift and then you click the Sign Up button to actually sign up for this shift. 

Note: If you do not click the Sign Up button on the Shift Details page, you will not be signed up for the shift.

Once a household member has signed up for a shift, you will see it listed as an Upcoming Shift on your Home Page with the name of the household member who is signed up for that shift. If the shift does not appear in the list, it is likely that you didn’t click the Sign Up button and you will have to return to the shift detail page to do so. If you want to find out more about an Upcoming Shift, you can click on the shift’s job link for more information.

Canceling a Shift

If you want to cancel a shift more than 24 hours in advance, click on that shift in the Upcoming Shifts list. There, you can press the Cancel This Shift button. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours prior to your shift, you must call the store and speak with the Shift Manager. Please do not leave a voicemail message.

Checking in for a Shift

When you arrive for a work shift, check in with the Shift Manager, who will credit your work online. You do not need to present your member card to receive credit.

Wrapping Up

When you are finished with your online session, click Log Out link in the upper right hand portion of the Home Page.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact us about problems you may have or to offer your comments. You can call us at 215-843-2350, ext. 322 or email