2017 Environment Committee Grants

Sandra Folzer, Weavers Way Environment Committee

Environment Committee Grant Recipients

  • East Falls Tree Tenders
  • Waterview Recreation Center
  • Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks/Grumblethorpe
  • Norwood-Fontbonne Academy
  • Families for Houston School
  • Roxborough YMCA
  • Roxborough Development Corp.
  • Whosoever Gospel Mission
  • Friends of Gorgas Park
  • Historic Germantown
  • Teen Leadership Corps of Awbury Arboretum
  • Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
  • Spiritual Freedom Ministries for the Indigent
  • Zero Waste Composting Pilot Program

Every year, the Environment Committee gives small grants to community groups. We love being able to support community gardens, plantings and special projects. Our money does not fall out of a tree, although we wish it did. Most recently, we have hosted electronics and Christmas-tree recycling events and solicited donations. Most of those who participate are very generous, for which we are thankful.

At our last electronics recycling event, in March, we we again worked with GRinCH (Green in Chestnut Hill). GRinCH’s funds support their Green Warrior program, which gives grants to students to promote environmental stewardship. 

This year, for the first time, we also partnered with PAR (People Advancing Reintegration)-Recycle Works. This new company in Germantown combines community service with job opportunities for people leaving prison, who often have difficulty finding work.

At PAR’s warehouse in Germantown, former-inmate workers disassemble electronics responsibly so the components may be reused. Many then move on to other jobs. PAR was a pleasure to work with; I would highly recommend any of these men for future work. To learn more about them, visit par-recycleworks.org.

We look forward to collaborating with them again at our next Electronics Recycling event, Saturday, Sept. 23. Please mark your calendar! Once again, we hope to be in the driveway at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, which has been so gracious in letting us use their space.

As a result of our fundraising, this year the Environment Committee was able to make grants to 13 organizations.

The funds are earmarked for planting trees and native shrubs, plants, seeds, material for building a solar food dehydrator, a composter, supplies for a food garden and a rain garden, and supplies for building a poultry coop.

As you can see, the money donated enriches our community by planting gardens, beautifying public spaces, providing fresh produce, and involving children and teens in environmental projects. Many public gardens in Northwest Philadelphia have benefited from generous donations in the past. We hope to continue this tradition with the community’s help.