Check It Out!

by Karen Plourde, Weavers Way Communications Staff

On the Menu in Prep Foods

The Hill’s hip to vegan gyros. And stand by for new green salads in Mt. Airy.

Chestnut Hill’s vegan gyro, an occasional offering at the Sandwich Station, has achieved Frequent Special Status due to its popularity among customers. Its foundation is vegan shawarma accompanied by vegan tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion wrapped in a warm naan. Order one, and your meal is done for $7.99. 

Down on Carpenter Lane, new Prepared Foods Manager Dan Cohen is planning to introduce new grab-n-go green salads in time for warmer weather. Look for mixed greens, arugula with beets and goat cheese, and the kale Caesar that’s already flying out of the service cases in Chestnut Hill and Ambler. Where possible, the greens and veggies will come from our farms. 

Going On in Grocery

The newest hummus on the block is local — and holds the tahini.

Local hummus is nothing new. Our Prepared Foods chefs make their own, and so does Wakim’s Foods of Bristol, which we also carry. But Cool Hummus of Wayne, which just landed in all three stores, leaves out the tahini in an effort to lure those who are sensitive to sesame. They also use non-GMO canola oil and natural juices in their products, one of which isn’t hummus at all but a white-bean spread. NB, spicy-food fans: The Buffalo hummus makes the grade.

Bulk & Beyond

Chocolate balsamic strawberries offer a touch of tang and sweetness. And tap into Napa bulk avocado oil in Mt. Airy. 

Buying chocolate candy can be a risky proposition this time of year. But there might be enough cool weather left to sneak in Ambler’s latest bulk chocolate temptation — Marich dark chocolate balsamic strawberries. A smidgen will put a nice finish on the day, or ease the chill from a rainy afternoon. 

Fans of avocado oil include foodies and wellness folk. If you want to add it to your oil arsenal, or just want to make a change, Napa non-GMO expeller-pressed avocado oil has joined Team Fusti in Mt. Airy. 

The Daily Deli

Fabbri strawberries in syrup will class up summertime desserts. And you’ll go cuckoo for Koko’s coconut gouda.

The deli usually isn’t a go-to for dessert, but the arrival of Fabbri strawberries and cherries in syrup in Chestnut Hill could change that. The Italian company (based in Bologna) has been in business since 1905 and offers a collection of products that lean toward the sweet side. Try either strawberries or cherries as a topping for gelato, soft cheese or your favorite baked good.

Still your hearts, cheese purists: There’s a new gouda in the cheese case in Chestnut Hill, and it’s laced with coconut cream. Koko’s is made in Holland, a/k/a Gouda Central. The sweetness of the coconut cream is followed quickly by the creamy nuttiness of the cheese. It would work well alongside strawberries, melon or maybe even fresh pineapple. I’m an admitted coconut hater, but this one went down smooth for me.