Cooperators of the Month: Tim & Alisa O'Bine

Joined Weavers Way: They were members of the Ambler Food Co-op prior to AFC becoming part of Weavers Way just over a year ago.

Live In: In Ambler, with Pixie, their 10-year old rescue beagle mix.

Current Jobs: Alisa is a behavioral analyst with EdBeCo, an education and behavior consulting firm based in Blue Bell. Tim is a carpenter and project manager for Dennis Meyer Inc. of Glenside, and works primarily in Chestnut Hill.

Why They Joined:  Tim: “The community feel of Ambler is really what we were embracing, and obviously the Co-op is part of that.” Alisa: “We care about where our food comes from.” (They moved here in 2015 from Ithaca, NY, where they shopped at GreenStar food co-op.)

Why They’re Working Members:Alisa: “The discount is definitely a big part, but we want to be more involved in the organization as well, particularly the farm.”

Favorite Co-op Products: Local apples, Swiss Villa eggs (Alisa: “They have the brightest orange yolks I’ve ever seen”), kale caesar salad, treats for Pixie. They’ve also gotten hooked on shopping in bulk. They do about 90 percent of their shopping at Weavers Way. 

A Little Co-op Love: Alisa: “I actually think the Co-op saves us money, because we cook every day now. If I forget an ingredient, he can run down and get it. . . . I trust everything in that store. I trust that the buyers or whoever is picking out the food are picking out good things for me. I don’t have to do that guesswork anymore.”

— Karen Plourde