Help us Get Ready to Grow Again

Lisa Mosca, Food Moxie Executive Director

The days are already getting remarkably longer, and the cold chill in the air is infused with some extra sun and warmth. At FOOD MOXIE, we’ve been checking off our winter task lists in preparation for another growing season across our food production and education sites.

Our data story is complete and programming in 2018 concluded, and our records show that last year, FOOD MOXIE delivered more than 200 learning events for more than 450 participants across four program sites, with more than 2,000 nutrient-dense meals created and consumed through cooking classes with participants.

We’ve been renewing some of our infrastructure in preparation for the next growing season. We are grateful that on a very chilly Martin Luther King Day, 15 Villanova University students helped us get a delivery of wood into our greenhouse and also helped us outline some educational signs that youths in our programs will soon be decorating. Additionally, we have been building out the frames of new raised beds for our education spaces and will soon be filling them with fresh soil in preparation for planting.

So how can you join the fun? Weavers Way very kindly allows members to fulfill their work hours during FOOD MOXIE workdays. This year, we have five FOOD MOXIE Third Saturday workdays planned where working members can sign up for Co-op shifts and help us at our growing sites. These include Saturdays from 9-11 a.m. on March 16, May 18, July 20, August 17 and October 19. We also have some repeat tasks we need help with in exchange for working member hours such as mowing, weed whacking, tool sharpening and event support. To find out more about these shifts, members can visit the Weavers Way Member Center online and search for FOOD MOXIE opportunities under Co-op shifts. Thank you in advance for your support, and happy spring!