Staff Celebrity Spotlight: Dave Hight

Job: Chestnut Hill produce staff

Since when: April 2018

Age: 27

Where he’s from and lives now: East Mt. Airy/Frankford, with his fiancé, Ryan Becton, a cleaner at Weavers Way Ambler.

How he got to Weavers Way: He worked at a series of forgettable sales jobs and was unemployed for a couple of years before he landed a job as a dishwasher at Harp & Crown in Center City. The pay was decent, but the atmosphere was toxic. Ryan encouraged him to apply to the Co-op, and he was hired within the month.

Education: He graduated from Germantown High in 2012. He also attended LaSalle University for media arts and the Art Institute of Philadelphia for culinary arts, but didn’t finish.

Thoughts on the job: “I love it. I love working with the people. The environment is pretty chill. I can be myself here.”

Future plans: He’d like to go back to school for cosmetology and makeup.

Favorite Co-op products: He’s “slightly addicted” to Boom Chicka Pop salted caramel popcorn. He also enjoys San Pellegrino sparkling water and blood oranges.

Thoughts on the Co-op: “I love what we do here…it’s just like a home environment, almost…I’ve come to work upset, and then when I start talking to people, the smile just comes on…it’s a never-ending cycle of pure happiness, pure positivity.”

— Karen Plourde