Helping Your New Rescue Dog Adapt

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
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Have you recently adopted a rescue dog, or are you thinking about it? Many rescue dogs have been bounced around and have had little stability in their lives. You are planning on this being your dog's forever home and are excited to be introducing him to all the important people and places in their new life. In this workshop, you'll learn behaviors you can teach to help your dog more quickly become comfortable with both the new family and the new home environment and strategies for making the adjustment easier.

Free; register here. You'll receive a Zoom link after you sign up.

About the Instructor: CJ Hazell from Bad Dog Good Dog Trainer has been a certified pet trainer since 2010. She helps pets of all kinds who have trouble living in a human world or getting along with other household animals. While working primarily with dogs and cats, she also works with other species. In addition to behavior work, she teaches classes in both Tricks and Dog Parkour (Cats are welcome). She has even trained a trick chicken.

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