Advocacy Action Requests

Weavers Way receives many requests to endorse or lend the Co-op's name to causes. While we do seek to promote local, regional and national campaigns that further the Co-op's Ends (mission, vision and values), we strive to do so while honoring the diversity of our member-owners, recognizing they may hold a wide range of opinions.

Any Weavers Way member may request that the Board of Directors make an official endorsement on behalf of the Co-op. To do so, the member must fill out an Advocacy Action Request (.pdf) describing the desired action and how it aligns with the Ends.

A committee of Co-op staff, including the General Manager, reviews all requests, meeting monthly or as needed. Considerations for approval may include resources, timing, impact, educational value and appropriateness. The review committee may meet with the member or members bringing the advocacy request, or may refer the request to one of the Co-op’s standing member committees if appropriate.

If the request is approved, the General Manager will contact the member who brought the request and review the action to be taken (e.g., allowing Weavers Way's name to be added to an endorsement, providing space in the Shuttle and Weavers Way website, providing public relations support to an event or topic). The General Manager will also inform the Board of all requests approved and declined.

(Please note: This process is not for requesting monetary or in-kind donations from the Co-op. To find out about making these requests, visit

Here is some more guidance about making an Advocacy Action Request:

  • Weavers Way will not endorse a political party or person running for a political office. The Co-op can provide ad space for political parties and those seeking offices, but cannot work on behalf of a candidate.
  • Requests take about 30 days to process. Please plan accordingly and let us know if your request is time sensitive.
  • Be sure your statement describes how the request aligns with the Co-op's Ends. You can review the Ends at
  • Include links, if appropriate, to organizations or the campaign’s website, and provide information about other organizations or community leaders that are supporting the campaign.