Working Membership

Co-op work hours are optional, but working members are deeply important to the Co-op. Members who work develop relationships with the community, staff, farmers and vendors, and help to make the Co-op a better place.

Working members receive all of the benefits of membership plus an additional 5% off all grocery purchases.

Annual Work Requirement

  • Six hours for each person over age 16 in a household.
  • If you spend $100 a week, you can expect to save $260 every year — for a household with two adults, that averages out to $21.67 per work hour.

What type of work do members do?

Weavers Way offers a wide variety of jobs for Co-op members to choose from. We will help you to find a job that is right for you. Among the options:

  • Stock grocery items, produce and dairy
  • Package food in the deli and other departments
  • Unload deliveries
  • Work at the Weavers Way farms
  • Assist the Membership department
  • Proofread or write for the Shuttle
  • Work with one of our partner organizations or at a community event
You can sign up for work hours in the member center, or contact the Membership Office at or 215-843-2350, ext. 119.