Sign Up and Pick Your Senior Discount Shop

Weavers Way members 65 and older can receive 10% off with our Senior Discount Program!

What is the Senior Discount Program?

Senior Co-op members who sign up for this program have four opportunities each week, Sunday through Saturday, to redeem a 10% discount:

Once at one of our main stores in Ambler, Chestnut Hill, Germantown or Mt. Airy
Once at Across the Way or Next Door
Once at our Farm Market (seasonal)
Once at the Mercantile (seasonal)

The day is not fixed — it can be Tuesday one week, Friday the next, and a different day (or the same day) the next. It's completely up to you! Also, your shops at these different locations do not have to be on the same day in one week.

Please note: If you’ve been participating in our Senior Discount program since before July 2020, you do not need to sign up again or change anything in your membership profile — you’re already eligible to choose your own discounted shop at checkout. If youre a new senior member or newly eligible for this discount, please see below for details on how to sign up.

How does it work?

Any enrolled senior just lets the cashier know that they want to redeem their weekly 10% discount when they check out at the above locations.

Please note that a given week’s 10% discount cannot be rolled over to the next week. A week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

How do I sign up?

We have forms available in all of our stores and in our Membership Department office in Mt. Airy. You will need to complete a form and present ID.

Can I combine my 10% senior discount with other Co-op discounts?

Yes! Working Member households with at least one senior member who has signed up for the senior discount program will receive both discounts, for a total of 15% off.

All members receive 5% off of Weavers Way-branded items, such as our vitamins, farm produce, and logo gear. This 5% will be stacked on the senior and working member discounts.

So, senior members who are working members can receive a total of 20% off when they include Weavers Way-branded items in their shopping baskets.

Please note that the senior discount cannot be combined with Weavers Way's Food For All low-income discount. Senior Co-op members who qualify for FFA should opt for that program.

For more info, or if you have questions, contact Membership Manager Kirsten Bernal at or 215-843-2350, ext. 119.

*We only exclude items like newspapers, stamps, and equity investments.