We Only Sell Fairtrade Bananas - Here's Why

All of our bananas come from democratically-controlled, family-owned cooperatives in Ecuador and Peru.  They are imported exclusively by Equal Exchange, which ensures the growers receive a fair price for their product, including a per-box fair trade “premium” of $1.00. 

We have given careful consideration to giving customers more options by also carrying conventional bananas.  Unfortunately, the conventional banana industry has a long history of worker exploitation, unfair labor practices, and dangerous work conditions.  They rely on huge plantations, which are sprayed with highly toxic commercial grade pesticides.  Our research led us to conclude that carrying conventional bananas would go against our values as a Co-op. 

Like with everything else, inflation has put pressure on our banana supply chain.  To ensure that growers continue to receive fair compensation for their work, Equal Exchange has had to increase their price for importing bananas.  And while we are doing what we can to keep the price to customers as low as possible, the market rate for fair trade bananas has risen. 

Nevertheless, we feel that fair trade, organic bananas are still an incredible bargain.  Currently our retail price for these bananas is $1.19 lb.  The average banana weighs about a third of a pound, so it costs around $0.39.  That’s $0.39 for a piece of fruit grown thousands of miles away, without the use of harmful pesticides, ensuring that all workers along the supply chain are compensated fairly. 

All Co-op discounts still apply to banana purchases.  Working members who join our Food for All program receive 20% off their purchases every day.  Learn more about Food for All.

We are proud to be part of an alternative supply chain that emphasizes fairness and environmental stewardship.  I encourage you to learn more about how this supply chain works.

Your questions and comments are welcomed; feel free to email me.


Jon Roesser, General Manager