Co-op News

The Co-op is a Philly favorite, a monarch butterfly project in the Northwest and a convo with our former farm manager.


Weavers Way Co-op has been around since 1973. Here's a short video telling our story. 

Join the Farm's CSA for 24 weekly pick-ups of amazing produce!

Introducing a new nonprofit established to help the Co-op support healthy food access initiatives.

Food For All is designed to put more good food and eco-friendly products in the hands of more members of our community. This program offers Weavers Way members on SNAP, WIC and other forms of public assistance discounted equity payments and an across-the-board 15 percent off their Co-op purchases.

Check out some tips, tricks and bulk shopping lists!

Priorities outlined by our Plastic Reduction Tast Force

Equity is member's ownership stake in the Co-op. Learn how to help the Co-op grow through its 2022 Equity Campaign.

Our all-star lineup of eats for the Super Bowl weekend.

Charging for paper bags will return, news on SEPTA regional rail in the Northwest, and repairing vs. replacing.