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A rundown of our spring General Membership Meeting, the recipe for our street corn salad and LUHV comes to Ambler's cafe.


Equity is member's ownership stake in the Co-op. Learn how to help the Co-op grow through its 2022 Equity Campaign.

Find signs in our stores for these vendors!

May 5, 2022, the Co-op's Board of Directors announces plans to revitalize a former Acme Market in Germantown for its fourth location.

Food For All is designed to put more good food and eco-friendly products in the hands of more members of our community. This program offers Weavers Way members on SNAP, WIC and other forms of public assistance discounted equity payments and an across-the-board 15 percent off their Co-op purchases.

And a snapshot of the book Collective Courage.

Check out some tips, tricks and bulk shopping lists!

Check the schedule to see the dates for each store's early closing.

Find out about support for Ukraine through the Co-op