Committees, Clubs, and Community Groups

Committees (and other groups formed under the auspices of Weavers Way) are vehicles by which members contribute to the evolution of the Co-op every day. Committees promote public dialog and education, plan and lead workshops, organize panel discussions and other events, serve as pools of expertise, and stand by as informal consultants. They contribute regularly to our monthly newspaper, The Shuttle. They also represent the Co-op at community events and act as liaisons to our many community partners.

Any member can join an existing Weavers Way committee, club, or community group, or propose a new one. Committee members earn working member credit for participating in monthly meetings and/or special projects for a minimum of six consecutive months. The commitment of time generally translates into one to three hours per month.

Weavers Way Bylaws, Article VI, states that committees “are formed to provide members with a way to participate actively and meaningfully in the life and mission of the Co-op.” Committees form important bridges between Weavers Way staff, the Board of Directors, membership-at-large, and the neighborhoods we serve.

The following list reflects our current, active committees. If you have thoughts about how you would like to connect with the Co-op beyond our existing committees, please reach out to the Membership Department at

Check the Weavers Way events calendar for updates, or contact the Membership Department for assistance.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee researches environmental concerns and informs the Co-op and its members about current environmental issues. This committee develops green projects locally, monitors store-related environmental concerns and makes recommendations. In addition, the committee awards grants to community groups.

Contact the Environment Committee at

The Environment Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month.

Farm Committee

The Farm Committee lends critical support to our two farms. This committee provides extra help directly to our farm manager, Nina Berryman, and her hard-working staff, and also helps organize special events and volunteers at the farms.

Committee Chair and Staff Liaison: Hannah Holby

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consults with the General Manager about issues related to Co-op finances.

Committee Chair: Michael Hogan
Staff Liaisons: Jon Roesser

The Finance Committee meets quarterly.

Food Justice Committee

The Food Justice Committee works to alleviate hunger and advocates for fair food-production and food-distribution systems. This group studies how food insecurity directly affects our neighborhoods and examines ways to promote equal access to whole, natural foods. Email:, or visit the Weavers Way Food Justice Committee page.

Committee Chair: Megan McCrea
Staff Liaison:Nima Koliwad

The Food Justice Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month.

New Economy Incubator Committee

The New Economy Incubator Committee identifies and develops best practices for the implementation of a local economy within our Northwest community. These best practices assure the equitable delivery of goods and services within our community, with the greatest autonomy, and with the least environmental impact. The committee pursues new applications of the cooperative model to endeavors such as worker owned and operated enterprises and public banking.

During our existence, we have been instrumental in launching a solar energy cooperative, a farmers market at Maplewood Mall, and the Free Loan Association of Germantown (FLAG). Future plans include the creation of a commercial kitchen, as well as facilitating education and discussion about worker-owned co-ops.

Chair: Coleman Poses -

Founding Members: Chris Hill, Herb Levine, Peter Winslow, Susan Christian, Andy Trackman

Staff Liaison: Kathleen Casey -

The New Economy Incubator Committee meets the third Monday of the month.

Philadelphia Backyard Chickens

Philadelphia Backyard Chickens acts as a resource for members who are interested in raising and keeping chickens. Members share experience and information, advocating for the legalization of raising and keeping backyard chickens in Philadelphia. For more info, visit the Philadelphia Backyard Chickens Facebook page.

Plastic Reduction Task Force

Formed in the spring of 2018, the PRTF is a sub-committee of the Weavers Way Environment Committee. The Task Force investigates waste issues associated with the full life cycle of plastics, raises awareness about the effects of unregulated plastic production and advises the Co-op on ways to reduce single-use plastics in our operations.

Contact the PRTF at

Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee seeks to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of Weavers Way Co-op, including the Board, management, staff, members, customers, and vendors. We do this by modeling awareness ourselves, assisting in gathering data to guide decision-making, supporting the creation of a DEI Plan with measurable outcomes, and holding Weavers Way accountable for continuing to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

  • Chairs: Vanessa Johnson -
  • Staff Liaisons: Candy Bermea-Hasan (Administration), John McAliley (Mt. Airy), Giselle Fife (Chestnut Hill), Mira Kilpatrick (Ambler)