Weavers Way Food Justice Committee


The Weavers Way Food Justice Committee envisions a world in which healthy food is readily accessible and affordable to all. The committee aims to achieve this goal by initiating and supporting projects addressing short- and long-term solutions to food insecurity.

Hunger 101

Do you want to learn more about some of the issues affecting our community? Here are a few helpful links to get started.

Food For All

Food For All is a discount program for member-owners receiving public assistance including SNAP, Medicaid, SSDI, SSI, Military Disability, TANF-cash assistance and/or WIC. We believe that healthy food and products must be accessible to all, and this initiative is part of a wider movement across the country among co-ops as they promote food justice. Another helpful aspect of the program is that equity payments are reduced to $5 per year for eligible applicants. They will also receive a 10% discount at the register on most Co-op items. More information is available here.

We hope you will support our committee's work in spreading the word!

Calendar of Events

Here you’ll find dates, times and locations for upcoming FJC meetings, as well as future events and programming.

There are no events scheduled right now. Check back soon!

2018 Summer Food Drive

June 22-24, all Weavers Way locations

Our second annual “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation” food drive eclipsed our first year’s collection total! By the end of the weekend, we gathered nearly 3,300 pounds of potatoes, onions and shelf-stable food for the Holy Cross Food Pantry in Mt. Airy, the Mattie N. Dixon Community Cupboard in Ambler, St. Luke’s Germantown Nutritional Ministries and the Germantown Seventh Day Adventist Church pantry.

Many thanks to our dozens of volunteers, who spent anywhere from a couple of hours to more than 24 collecting, transporting and sorting donations under the scorching sun, cloudy skies and even an occasional rain shower. In the end, the amount of food collected was roughly 65% over the total from our inaugural summer food drive in 2017.

Here’s the full story. (And see more photos at the bottom of this page.)

Read more about our 2017 food drive.

Philly Foodscape

The Greater Philadelphia region has many incredible, dedicated organizations working day in and day out to alleviate hunger and support food justice in the area. The goal of the Weavers Way Food Justice Committee is both to initiate its own projects and to support projects of these other organizations. In that collaborative spirit, the Food Justice Committee has created a database we call Philly Foodscape as a way for us to become informed about, support and collaborate with several of these organizations. More information on this program is coming soon.

FJC Minutes

Missed a meeting or just curious what we discuss? Take a look at the minutes from our last few monthly meetings.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about the Food Justice Committee? We are open to all Weavers Way Co-op members and look forward to your questions, participation, and ideas.


  • Chair: Sarah Mitteldorf
  • Administrator: Seth Lerman
  • Education Coordinator: Suzanna Urminska
  • Co-op Outreach Coordinator: Julie Martini

It takes a lot of hands to move 3,300 pounds of food! Thanks to everyone who helped with our 2018 Food Drive, including volunteers at the Germantown Seventh Day Adventist Church Pantry and St. Luke's Germantown Nutritional Ministries (center photo).