Products for People and Planet

We choose our products for the health of our greater community

Weavers Way Co-op strives to uphold a variety of principles in what we sell. The products we choose reflect values that are important to our members, a dynamic and diverse group of people who support the Weavers Way Mission Statement.

  • We are committed to selling products for which we have full nutrition and source information and to providing this information to shoppers.
  • We buy products that are cooperatively or collectively produced.
  • We buy products that are locally or regionally produced and that support the local economy.
  • We buy products from independent suppliers, producers and small businesses.
  • We are committed to buying the freshest products available.
  • We offer products at cost savings to members.
  • We provide choices and offer product alternatives (e.g., organic vs. nonorganic, gourmet/specialty vs. value-priced, bulk vs. packaged/processed).
  • We purchase eco-friendly products that do not adversely affect the environment; we avoid purchasing products proven to be detrimental to human health or the environment.
  • We buy products from businesses that support conditions of shared wealth and do not exploit workers.

Our Product Philosophy Statement

We seek products that benefit our members, shoppers and community. This means we stock products that consider your tastes and also meet the values we have established as a co-op.

Our mission is to supply products that are as healthy as possible and:

  • Positively impact our bodies, the ecosystem or other people in the present or future.
  • Provide opportunities for the improvement of our food system by supporting producers who also care about doing minimal harm to ourselves and the ecosystem.
  • Support our Mission Statement and our Ends.