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Store Phone Numbers

Weavers Way Mt. Airy


Weavers Way Across the Way (Wellness & Pet)

215-843-2350, ext. 6

Weavers Way Chestnut Hill


Weavers Way Next Door (Wellness)

215-866-9150, ext. 220

Weavers Way Ambler


Staff Directory

General Manager
Jon Roesser, ext. 131

Finance Director
Susan Beetle, ext. 110

Purchasing Manager
Norman Weiss, ext. 133

Information Technology Director
David Chaplin-Loebell, ext. 127

Human Resources Manager
Janet Potts, ext. 132

Development Manager
Kathleen Casey

Executive Chef
Bonnie Shuman, ext. 218

Facilities Manager
Steve Hebden, ext. 128

Floral Buyer
Ginger Arthur, ext. 125

Membership Manager
Kirsten Bernal, ext. 119

Shuttle Editor
Karen Plourde, ext. 135

Shuttle Advertising
Karen Plourde, ext. 135

Board Administrator
Margaret Funderburg

Weavers Way Mt. Airy

Mt. Airy Store Manager
Rick Spalek, ext. 101

Mt. Airy Front End Manager
Susan McLaughlin, ext. 112

Mt. Airy Grocery Manager
Matt Hart, ext. 140

Mt. Airy Assistant Grocery Manager
Keith Souder

Mt. Airy Prepared Foods Manager
John McAliley, ext. 102

Mt. Airy Meat and Seafood Manager
Mike Lawrence

Mt. Airy Produce Manager
Jonathon Sawicki, ext. 107

Mt. Airy Bakery Buyer
Moises Iavarone

Weavers Way Across the Way

Across the Way Wellness Manager
Sarah Risinger, ext. 114

Pet Department Manager
Anton Goldschneider, ext. 276

Weavers Way Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill Store Manager
Dean Stefano, ext. 212

Chestnut Hill Assistant Store Manager
Valerie Baker, ext. 215

Chestnut Hill Front End Manager
Ashley Hammock

Chestnut Hill Grocery Manager
James Mitchell, ext. 217

Chestnut Hill Prepared Foods Manager
John Adams, ext. 209

Chestnut Hill Deli Manager
Ann Marie Arment, ext. 209

Chestnut Hill Produce Manager
Seth Murley, ext. 211

Chestnut Hill Meat, Poultry and Seafood Manager
Ron Moore, ext. 205

Chestnut Hill Bakery Buyer
Kriss Walker

Chestnut Hill Home Delivery Team Lead
Moffat Welsh

Weavers Way Next Door

Next Door Manager
Chris Mallam, ext. 221

Weavers Way Ambler

Ambler Store Manager
Heather Carb, ext. 375

Ambler Front End Manager
Jax Arnold

Ambler Wellness Manager
Andrea Houlihan, ext. 378

Ambler Grocery Manager
Nancy Timmons Melley, ext. 373

Ambler Assistant Grocery Manager
Callie Raymond

Ambler Produce Manager
Erik Fagerstrom, ext. 377

Ambler Prepared Foods Manager
Alisa Consorto, ext. 374

Ambler Meat, Poultry and Seafood Manager
Mark Baker

Ambler Bulk Manager
Ken Kolasinski

Ambler Bakery Buyer
Chris Smith

Ambler Floral Buyer
Mira Kilpatrick

Weavers Way Farms

Farm Manager
Nina Berryman, ext. 325

Henry Got Crops Farm Market Manager
Lauren Todd, ext. 304

Compost Tsar
Scott Blunk

Food Moxie (formerly Weavers Way Community Programs)


Interim Executive Director
Catherine Kendig

Farm and Garden Manager
Brandon Ritter

Program Manager
Dorene Reggiani