Weavers Way Ends

(Excerpted from the Weavers Way Board Policy Manual, Page 3. Adopted 3/2/04, last revised 5/1/12.)

Weavers Way Cooperative Association exists to provide commercial and community services for the greater good of its members and community, to champion the cooperative model and to strengthen the local economy.
As a result of all we do:

End 1. There will be a thriving and sustainable local economy providing meaningful jobs, goods and services to our members and the community.

End 2. Our community will have access to high quality, reasonably priced food, with an emphasis on local, minimally processed and ethically produced goods.

End 3. There will be active collaborative relationships with a wide variety of organizations in the community to achieve common goals.

End 4. Members and shoppers will be informed about cooperative principles and values, relevant environmental, food and consumer issues, and the Co-op’s long-term vision.

End 5. Members and shoppers will actively participate in the life of the Co-op and community.

End 6. The local environment will be protected and restored.

End 7. Weavers Way will have a welcoming culture that values diversity, openness, inclusiveness and respect in all that we do.