2023 Mayoral Platform on Plastic Reduction


  1. Within the first six months, prioritize an update of the Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan that includes coordination between the Office of Sustainability (OOS) and the Streets Department.
    1. Fully fund the Office of Sustainability and require that the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability oversee coordination between OOS and the sanitation arm of the Streets Department in development and implementation of the Plan. 
    2. Connect the Plan’s action steps to the City’s goals for decarbonization, business development, waste reduction, and creation of green jobs.
    3. Establish a Zero Waste goal in line with the EPA of a 50% reduction in food loss and waste by 2030.
  2. Strengthen the Plastic Bag Ban (Bill No. 190610-A) to increase effectiveness and expand waste reduction efforts to include a ban on polystyrene. 
    1. Increase funding and staff focus on enforcement of the current ban. Actively institute warnings and fines for businesses that do not comply.
    2. Collect bi-annual data on effectiveness (e.g., how many violations, warning, and fines, and the percentage decrease in usage) and publicly publish data. 
  3. Strengthen and expand the Zero Waste Partnership (ZWP) program to grow the local economy and support businesses that are increasing circularity.  
    1. Strengthen relationship with business networks, such as the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, to ensure support and spotlight opportunities for these businesses. 
    2. Strengthen and expand the small grants program for businesses to develop or expand zero waste programs to grow the list of participating businesses.
  4. Elevate sustainable procurement criteria in bids for city-held contracts and for entities holding events on city property. 
    1. Include criteria with a focus on waste reduction, reuse, and circularity.
    2. Ensure that Zero Waste Partnership businesses are made aware of city-issued contract opportunities.
    3. Install water bottle filling stations in all City-owned buildings.
  5. Provide funding and requirements for the School District of Philadelphia to adopt a non-single-use food service ware program that is audited by a third party to ensure compliance.