EasyPay Pays You More

When you use cash or check to fund EasyPay, you can get extra dough to spend at the Co-op.

It's easy — just deposit $100 or more and we'll automatically credit you an extra 2 percent.

That's $100 in, $102 out. Try to find a checking account that's paying that kind of return!

Why do we do this?

It's simple.

Ninety percent of the transactions at the register involve debit and credit cards. Depending on the kind of card, the Co-op pays 2 to 3.5 percent of the transaction total to the bank for each swipe.

We pay more than 2 percent to the banks for the privilege of letting our shoppers swipe a card. We’d rather pay that 2 percent to our members. EasyPay Pays You is one more way we can work cooperatively to stanch economic leakage from our community. Every dime we spend on credit cards fees flows outward from the local economy; by giving that 2 percent to members, we keep more money local.

EasyPay is one benefit of membership.

It's only available to Weavers Way members. So if you haven't already joined, you might want to sign up to become a Co-op member-owner right now.

The EasyPay secret: No wallet? No problem!

EasyPay is a prepaid account program. Every member has one. To use it, just fund it.

  • Pay with cash, check, credit card or debit card at the register.
  • Log into the Online Member Center anytime, go to My EasyPay and add funds using a credit card.
  • Please be advised: The EasyPay Pays You 2 percent incentive only applies to EasyPay additions made in store by cash or check.

EasyPay works like a gift card — but you don't need a card. Just show a picture ID or your membership card at the register.

We'll help you save a tree, too.

You can review your receipts online by logging into the Member Center and browsing to the My Purchases block. (EasyPay transactions are also listed in the My EasyPay block.) You can also opt to have receipts emailed to you automatically — just click on the E-Mail Receipt Preferences button. But we'll always ask if you want an actual paper receipt when you make a purchase.

Paper receipts still print automatically for:

  • Non-member transactions.
  • Transactions with debit cash back.
  • Any transaction with a single line item of $25 or more.
  • Gift-card purchases, donations and member investment payments.