Everyday Low Prices with Co-op Basics

We’re excited about Co-op Basics, a program that lowers prices on the groceries you buy every day.

Have you seen the purple shelf tags popping up in every department? We’ve cut prices on more than 100 items, providing you better access to high-quality sustainable and natural grocery, dairy, freezer, deli and paper products.

As part of the Basics program, we've increased our selection of Field Day-brand items — organic, non-GMO packaged foods that are value-priced so more people can afford more of the best. And we’ve lowered everyday prices on selected produce and bulk items, including baby carrots, nuts and Lundberg rices, and local staples including Nature's Yoke eggs, Pequea Valley yogurt and Koch's ground turkey. Pick up a full list of Co-op Basics items available in both stores or download it.

In addition, our stores feature Basics products unique to each location, so stop by for even more everyday low prices.

We’ll be adding new items frequently — feel free to ask a store staff member if there’s something you think belongs on the Co-op Basics list.

And visit our Deals page, not just for Co-op Basics but also for our biweekly Co-op Deals.