Let’s Open a Weavers Way Co-op in Germantown!

Weavers Way Co-op will be opening a new location in Germantown at 328 W. Chelten Ave. This store will serve a rapidly growing membership and provide local and nutritious foods to the neighborhood. The building — once an Acme Market — requires substantial rehabilitation. The plan is to open in late summer or early fall 2023.

Make a Loan

Similar to its other expansions, the Co-op is offering the opportunity for members to invest in the Co-op and support this exciting endeavor. By clicking "Make a Loan," you'll be taken to the Co-op's Member Center - look for the box "My Lending."

By investing in the Co-op, your dollars stay in the local economy, which helps provide jobs, and strengthens our local food system, including our regional farmers and local BIPOC-owned  vendors. Together, we can make Weavers Way Germantown a reality.

We will be offering three options on loans, through December 31, 2022, with a minimum of $1,000 (no maximum):

  • 2.5% interest (per annum) for 4 years, or
  • 4% interest (per annum) for 6 years,
  • 5% interest (per annum) for 8 years.

Simple (not compounded) interest to be paid at the end of the loan period. Lenders must be Weavers Way members and Pennsylvania residents.

FAQs on Member Loans

Member Testimonials on "Why We're Excited about Weavers Way Germantown"

Board Statement on Opening a New Store in Germantown


Make a Loan

Thanks for helping us grow!