Weavers Way's Product Philosophy Statement

We seek products that benefit our members, shoppers and community. This means we stock products that consider your tastes and also meet the values we have established as a co-op. 

Our mission is to supply products that are as healthy as possible and:

  • Positively impact our bodies, the ecosystem or other people in the present or future.
  • Provide opportunities for the improvement of our food system by supporting producers who also care about doing minimal harm to ourselves and the ecosystem.
  • Support our Mission Statement and our Ends.

Product Categories

We categorize products in three groups:

The best products are ones we know the background of and reasonably trust are in line with our values, i.e., that are produced in ways that are respectful to the environment, local when possible, reflective of cooperation, healthful, ethically produced and which we procure by dealing as close to the producer as possible. We recognize that such products may be scarce; we seek out and cultivate relationships with these suppliers and feature and promote them.

We also stock products that respond to our community’s desires, including convenience foods, options that are more affordable and foods important to our culture and tastes. We select these products through dialogue with our community that considers our buying ability, product and supplier attributes and customer requests.

The third group comprises products we will not stock because they are generally known to be harmful to our health, our society or our environment. These include tobacco products, foods with known harmful additives and products produced by disreputable companies or using exploitative labor. We believe it is important for us to make a statement about these products by refusing to stock them.


It is our buyers’ job to make product determinations about these three groups, using their judgment about what is best for our members, community, suppliers and planet at any given time.

Meat & Seafood

We believe we should be selective in our choice of meat and seafood and look for producers who value humane treatment and sustainability. It is clear that the issues surrounding the environmental and social impacts of meat and seafood production are complex and evolving, so we will continue to monitor reliable sources for new information. It is the best way to express our belief that, over the long term, high quality meat and seafood should be available to all, and sustainable management and production is the only way to ensure that this occurs.


We carry thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers. By necessity, we rely on the representations of our suppliers with respect to product integrity. We try to verify these representations, and we are forthcoming with any significant lapse where we stock a product that doesn’t fit in with this Product Philosophy.

Weavers Ways Ends

The Product Philosophy is meant to reflect Weavers Way’s Ends.

For more information, contact Purchasing Manager Norman Weiss at normanb@weaversway.coop or 215-843-2350, ext. 133. By working together, we can ensure that Weavers Way’s products are a reflection of our tastes and our values.