Five Things . . . To Quaff on Turkey Day

We can’t help you with adult beverages. But we’ve got plenty of choices, including mixers, for washing down the big meal.

1. Bulk Kombucha — Take your pick from three brewers: Aqua ViTea (Chestnut Hill) or Inspired Brews or Food & Ferments (Mt. Airy). They’ll give your digestion a nudge.

2. Apple cider — Sparkling and otherwise. The fresh-this-season non-sparkling stuff comes from Weaver’s Orchard in Morgantown and Solebury Orchards in New Hope.

3. Tait Farm Shrub — A bewitching base of fruit, vinegar and cane sugar that’ll brighten up your fizzy water or take you down a new cocktail path. Need inspiration? Check out the recipes tab at 

4. Cold Brew Coffee — Need to stay awake for the big sales? Amp up on Backyard Beans’ Punch in the Face (in bulk and cans in Mt. Airy) or similar canned and bottled varieties from Stumptown, La Columbe and Chameleon. 

5. Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers — And not the powdered stuff! Coconut and/or almond versions from So Delicious, Califia Farms (Chestnut Hill) and Silk. Might as well start cutting calories now.