Board of Directors

The Board photographed at their June 5, 2018, meeting: From left: David Woo, Joshua Bloom, Toni Jelinek, Esther Wyss-Flamm, Meg Gruwell, Joan Patton, Lisa Hogan, Chris Hill, Olga Corrias Hancock, Larry Daniels and Eric Borgstrom.

The next Weavers Way Board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4, at the Chestnut Hill Community Center, 8419 Germantown Ave.

Weavers Way Co-op has an elected Board of Directors that represents member-owners’ interests in the operation of the store and the broader vision of the Co-op. Board members serve three-year terms and are not compensated. The Board meets monthly and meetings are open to all members. Any member-owner in good standing is eligible to run for the Board in elections held in the spring.

The Board uses the Policy Governance model (.pdf 70kb) to structure their activities and guide how they relate to the Weavers Way’s member-owners and the Co-op’s general manager. Policy Governance emphasizes strategic leadership and a clear distinction between Board and management duties.

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