Cooperators of the Month: Zbigniew Bieniaszewski & Kasia Kalyta

Joined Weavers Way: Last December, although they started shopping soon after the Ambler store opened in October.

Live in: Ambler. They both immigrated from Poland. Zibi is originally from Gdansk, Kasia from Gliwice in the southwestern part of the country, close to the Czech border.

Current jobs: Zibi is a project manager and Kasia works in sustainability for the same international retailer.

Family facts: They have a 25-year-old daughter, Janine, who lives in Poland.

Why they joined: Zibi: “We started shopping, talking to neighbors, and then I kind of reached a point — it was my wife’s motivation — to start giving back something.”

Why they’re working members: Zibi: “All my life, I’ve dealt with merchandising, with products. . . . I’m a merchant at heart.” Kasia: “I cherish new experiences, and I do like customer service. It was a lot of fun, actually, to volunteer here, and get more familiar with the store and actually meet customers.”

Co-op job history: Zibi helps out at $4 Friday Dinners, and serves on the Ambler Co-op Advisory Committee. He tabled during the Member Loan Campaign. Kasia helps out with events like the loan committee confab at the Ambler Theater.

Favorite Co-op products: They’re devotees of the bulk section, and also buy eggs in bulk. They estimate they do 99 percent of their shopping here.

A little Co-op love: Zibi: “It’s like a good neighbor. The most important [thing] is that the money stays here. It doesn’t go [for] someone to buy another limousine or whatever.” Kasia: “It is a solution, and we will need more and more of that [as an] alternative to this growth-oriented economy. There’s nothing wrong with growing as a co-op; it’s just that it has different impacts…[this] doesn’t fill someone else’s pockets. It enriches the community.”

— Karen Plourde