Cooperator of the Month: Garth Pegram

Joined Weavers Way: Late 2010, with his wife, Juliet. He’d previously been a member in the early ‘90s.

First Exposure: 1988. He lived with a family in West Mt. Airy who were Co-op members when he first came to the States from the U.K.  Weavers Way was his first shopping experience in the United States.

Lives In: Chestnut Hill.

Current job: He works in data operations for the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies in Center City.

Typical Co-op jobs: Bulk packing, produce, floor. (Juliet does most of their hours.)

Favorite Co-op products: Organic shredded coconut and organic raisins. “Those two things strike me as being amazing, that you can get high quality product that’s also reasonably priced.”  They also enjoy Organic Valley milk.

Why they’re working members: “I’m pragmatic in some sense — I appreciate the 5 percent [discount]. And also, it’s a simple matter of community. It wouldn’t make sense to do something else.”

A little Co-op love: “Weavers Way is up there with good trains and Fairmount Park as far as I’m concerned. It’s one of the pillars of our lives. We’re in there, I think, every day.”