Sustainability Club, Anyone?

So there was this guy in Manhattan who tried to live a zero-waste life for a year — described very entertainingly in the movie,“No-Impact Man.” The two of us saw it and got to thinking, not wanting to go to the same extreme but seeing that we could live a lot more consciously. Why are we buying seltzer in plastic bottles? Can we live without paper towels? How can we cook in ways that save gas? Is this car trip really necessary? What’s better, local conventional food or non-local organic? And so on, and so on.

Eventually it occurred to us that it would be a lot more fun to explore these questions with others. And so, we would like to invite other interested Weavers Way folks to join in a regular gathering to share information and experiences in sustainable living — a “Sustainability Club.” We’d meet monthly over a potluck meal of sustainably raised foods, then take time to explore information, challenges and creative ideas group members come up with. Perhaps some of these explorations could lead to projects for the wider community. 

We’ll host an initial planning meeting (no potluck) at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, at The Mercantile, 542 Carpenter Lane. If you’d like to like to join us or have questions, please contact Judy at

— Richard Senerchia and Judy Morgan