Welcome, Henry Got Crops Interns

Jaylynn, top, and Lauren, are working with us this summer at Henry Got Crops.

In the summer, Weavers Way Farms have opportunities for student interns. Here are two of them:

Jaylynn Gardner

Jaylynn is a rising 11th-grader at W.B. Saul High School. This summer, she has an internship at Henry Got Crops working as a farm-market assistant. Jaylynn, who is 16 and lives in North Philadelphia, says, “My favorite class at Saul would be Food Processing Science, because in there I never learn the same thing twice or learn something that I already knew about the year before. . . . In the future, I want to take my experience at Weavers Way and hope to go deeper into what Weavers Way is and how I can assist with making it better.”

Lauren Fillebrown

Lauren is a rising senior at Penn State University, where she is studying Agricultural Business Management. Originally from New Jersey, Lauren found her interest in agriculture through her high school agricultural education courses, along with her heavy involvement in the Future Farmers of America. This summer, she has taken both her passion for agriculture and the skills gained through several leadership opportunities to Philadelphia, where she is interning for Weavers Way Farms as part of our farm staff. Lauren applied for this internship, which is funded through Penn State Extension, to learn more about the local food movement in cities and how urban agriculture can be better developed. She says she’s enjoying interning at Weavers Way Farms as she is applying her knowledge of agriculture through the field work. Lauren also likes to have conversations with CSA members and those who come to the Henry Got Crops Farm Market, specifically hearing about what prompted them to join the CSA or come in to shop. After graduation, Lauren hopes to start a career advocating for agriculture, focusing on hunger relief and nutrition in government or nonprofit organizations both internationally and domestically.