Thanks for Green Mountain Energy Heads-Up

Thanks to Terry Halbert for the June 2017 letter in the Shuttle with more information about Green Mountain Energy, a subsidiary of NRG Energy. 

We met their salesperson at a Night Market event. He talked of solar energy, which is something that we fully support, and it all sounded good and very quick and easy to do the switch. So we switched!

After reading Terry’s letter, we realized that we should have stuck with our usual practice of “look before you leap!” The salesperson never mentioned the six coal facilities that NRG owns and operates in Pennsylvania or their many Clean Water Act violations or their mercury-polluting power plants. 

Clearly, we needed to make another change! We contacted Weavers Way member and environmental activist Meenal Raval, who directed us to EcoChoice 100. A phone call to 215-413-2122 got us to a very helpful person who explained their different plans. We told her that Meenal had referred us. We chose the EcoChoice 100 PA fixed-rate option. Their energy is 100% renewable: 99% wind and 1% solar. 

A few days later, Meenal advised us that she had received a monetary appreciation for referring us and that her practice is to donate this to an organization we wish to support. Wanting to keep supporting environmental concerns, we named 350 Philadelphia. Now that is a win-win! 

Thanks again to Terry Halbert, the Shuttle, the Energy Coop, and Meenal for getting us back on track!

Marion and Dave Brown