Annual Committee Grants Awarded For Greening Projects

Thank you to everyone who donated money during our Electronics Recycling events. Your donations enable Weavers Way Environment Committee to give grants to community groups. 

This year we encouraged groups to support initiatives which would mitigate climate change. Our recipients were:

  • The Wissahickon Sustainability Council, which plans to transform a cement lot into a yard with native trees and plants. We are just one of many groups supporting this project.
  • Philadelphia Orchard Project, which transforms neglected spaces across the city into community-owned organic orchards filled with edible plants. The grant will pay for gardening tools and plant materials for the site in Awbury Arboretum.
  • Blue Bell Elementary Garden Club, to buy seeds, garden tools, lesson supplies and fruits and vegetables for its garden and educational project to encourage children to develop healthy eating habits.
  • Philadelphia Roller Derby, to plant trees, shrubs and plants on the unused green space around its facility on Belfield Avenue, thus enhancing the neighborhood.

Lastly, a grant was given to defray the cost of the new electric vehicle charging station at the Co-op’s Ambler store. This charging station, which is free to all, encourages the use of electric cars, which do not emit greenhouse gases. 

Fewer community groups applied for grants this year despite the fact that we advertised in the Shuttle and other publications and online. We are hoping more community groups apply next year to enhance our neighborhoods while reducing climate change.