Vote for the Board 2020

We Need All Hands On Deck to Vote in Our Board Elections

by Sylvia Gentry, Weavers Way Leadership Committee

We all know how important it is to vote in our local, state, and national elections, and have learned in recent years how important each vote can be. The Weavers Way Board elections are equally important. Voting began on April 1, and we need you to cast your ballot.

Did you know that our bylaws require 10% of our members to vote for the election to be valid? As our membership has grown over the past few years, the number of votes needed for a valid election has also increased. Your vote matters!

Voting for the board has never been easier. Online voting is available on the Co-op’s website, and most of our members vote electronically. You will receive email reminders to vote. Directions are easy to follow. Once you vote, you will no longer receive reminders.

In addition to electronic voting, you can still vote by paper ballot, either by using the ballot in the Shuttle, or paper ballots, which are available in each store. Once the paper ballot is used, it can be deposited in the locked box in each store or mailed to the Leadership Committee at 559 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

If you want to know more about the members running for Board positions, there is information about the candidates on this page and online. Each candidate is asked to provide a photo and answer questions, which will allow you to make an informed decision about their qualifications. In addition, the Co-op’s website posts videos of each candidate answering questions about their qualifications for becoming a Board member.

As part of your pre-voting research, you can ask your friends and neighbors if they know any of the candidates. Just as you would in a city, state or national election, you can gather information from people you know and trust to help make your decision.

Board member terms are three years, and each candidate can only serve for two consecutive terms. Therefore, there are no members who remain on the Board indefinitely. While incumbents may have an advantage, none of the members have served so long that their election is inevitable. And this year, there are no incumbents running.

The election is your opportunity to contribute to the Co-op. By casting your vote, you can make this year’s election a meaningful experience, and elect a Board that represents your values and interests.