A Chance to Serve, Learn — and Score Great Vegetables

Jackie Schrauger, Food Moxie Program Director

Every year, we welcome wonderful interns to Food Moxie. Some are in college, some are in high school, some come for a semester, some come for a few weeks — but they all have two key things in common: a commitment to service and a desire to learn.

As a small nonprofit, our organization values interns. They help us:

  • Keep our farms productive and looking beautiful.
  • Lead our programs and make sure they are safe, educational and fun for all.
  • Create literature reviews of important articles.
  • Run our farmstand. 
  • Plan and execute events like our Hoedown and Urban Farm Bike Ride.
  • Research new grant opportunities.
  • Plan engaging lessons for the children, youth and families we work with.
  • Handle not-so-glamorous but totally important daily office tasks. 
  • Generate ideas for social media. 

So what’s in it for them? There’s the satisfaction of helping out in their community. And we are also deeply committed to ensuring interns the most meaningful experience possible by crafting each internship to speak to his or her particular interests and skills. An internship with Food Moxie is really a partnership. As a small operation, we can get our interns truly engaged in all aspects of our work. Our interns have delved into areas they want to learn more about for their own careers, writing their first grant or designing program evaluation systems. It’s important to us that interns don’t just share their time and talents with us, but that we do the same for them. 

And of course, we also offer heaps of free vegetables! 

It truly takes a village to subvert the conventional food system one meal at a time, and we couldn’t do it without our interns. Get in touch by emailing me at jackie@foodmoxie.org if you or a young person in your life wants to get involved!