Five Things, Rio Olympics Edition

The Marvelous City will host more than 10,000 athletes from 200-plus nations Aug. 5-21. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist or a recliner all-star, we’ve got specialties for the Games and beyond.

1. High Point's Oberon Coffee — From Brazil's central Cerrado plateau. Has tasting notes of milk chocolate and toasted almond.

2. Brazil nuts — Packaged in Chestnut Hill from Tierra Farms, and in Mt. Airy from Woodstock. Loaded with selenium, which helps protects cells from toxins.

3. Pure Brazilian raw coconut water — Cold-pressed from Anao coconuts in the northeastern part of the country. Non-GMO, Chestnut Hill only.

4. Maca powder — From Navitas Naturals (Next Door) and Gaia Herbs and Nature’s Way (Across the Way). Grown in the mountains of neighboring Peru. Said to improve sexual function over time.

5. Recharge sports drink — From R.W. Knudsen Family. Made without added sugar, artificial colors or flavors. For when you clear that last hurdle in the TV room.