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Sustainable Florverde® red roses for your Valentine in all three stores. Members only: Click image to pre-order and save $5 a dozen. Offer ends Feb. 12.

All Wellness and Good

Get all aglow with beeswax candles from Big Dipper. And a new flavor of Good Clean Love.

Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is coming on; ready yourself for the love train with all-natural candles from Big Dipper Wax Works of Seattle, available in all three stores. Varieties include heart-shaped sculpted pillars and tea light-sized tins infused with cinnamon essential oil. Planning a romantic dinner at home? All our locations stock Danica tapered candles in assorted colors; Across the Way carries three sizes.

In the hope that one thing will lead to another, you may want to lay in some cinnamon/vanilla-scented Guilty Pleasure personal lubricant from Good Clean Love of Eugene, OR. Their products are organic or nature-based and free of petro-chemicals, parabens and glycerin. Both Next Door and Ambler have their products, although only Chestnut Hill carries Guilty Pleasure.

Going On in Grocery

It’s crunch time for love, courtesy of Nature’s Path. And vegan snacks from Healing Home Foods.

Cereal may not be romantic, but it can be decadent, thanks to Nature’s Path foods. Organic Love Crunch, which can be found in Chestnut Hill and Ambler, comes in six dessert-worthy flavors that incorporate red berries, peanut butter, apples, cashews and macaroons. Pass the milk, Love Muffin.

If you’re hunting on the healthier side, Ambler Grocery Manager Nancy Melley is excited about a line of gluten-free vegan nummies from Healing Home Foods of Pound Ridge, NY. The baked biscotti bites and baked granola come in three flavors and, along with baked graham bites and two types of raw crackers, occupy a couple of shelves with the chocolate/energy bars/juices. The company was started and is still run by a mom who radically changed her family’s diet after her son was diagnosed with autism.

Bulk & Beyond

A new granola for you coco-nuts.

Granola is an ever-evolving product, easily tweaked for fun or fundamentals. Enter GrandyOats Coconola granola, a coconut-based concoction taking up a bulk bin in Ambler and shelf space in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill. It’s grain-free, which makes it paleo friendly, and loaded with pecans, cashews, seeds and coconut chips. GrandyOats, based in Hiram, ME, is certified organic.

Finds for the Furry & Feathered

Soothe and protect Pup’s paws with Max Wax.

Winter can be “ruff” on your pooch’s paws: The cold dries them out, and some snow-melt products can even cause chemical burns. Make future walks happier with Pawz Max Wax, available in Ambler and Across the Way in Mt. Airy. It’s from the same folks who make the balloon-like dog boots in a rainbow of colors that we sell Across the Way.

Max Wax is made from human-grade beeswax, lanolin and Vitamin E, and has no scent or odor. (Well, none that humans can detect, anyway.) It moisturizes paw pads and prevents snow and ice buildup. And don’t stow the stuff away once the weather gets warmer; Max Wax can also protect against the heat of summer sidewalks.

— Karen Plourde, Weavers Way Communications Staff

Seasonal offerings from Big Dipper Wax Works, GrandyOats Coconola, Max Wax for paws.