They Want You to Eat Well & Be Well: Meet the Nutrition Team

The Weavers Way Neighborhood Nutrition Team is a group of six nutritionists, dietitians and other wellness practitioners. The Team aims to bring nutrition inspiration and information to Co-op members, providing information and resources that empower members to make desired changes in their nutrition.

Each month, the Team offers educational workshops and demos that address a specific theme. In February, they will dive into topics of the heart: How can we keep our hearts healthy and happy? What foods support heart health — both physical and emotional?Visit the Online Events Calendar for details on these and other Nutrition Team offerings throughout the year.

Meet the Team

Dorothy Bauer spent most of her adult life in Berkeley, CA, with her husband, triplet sons and a wide variety of family pets. She has certificates from Living Light Culinary Institute, Optimal Health Institute and Premiere Research, and mentored with renowned raw-food chef and author Elaina Love. Healthy food and lifestyle are her passion with a particular focus on a gluten- and dairy-free, low glycemic diet.

Beth Chiodo is an Ambler-based registered dietitian and certified wellness coach. Beth works in corporate wellness and also has a private practice ( She does one-on-one nutrition counseling, gives seminars and cooking demonstrations, and helps execute other wellness offerings and workshops for the community. Beth specializes in medical nutrition therapy for various medical conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure, and helps clients achieve a healthy relationship with food by exercising and incorporating mindfulness in their eating practices.

Kristin Fulmer is a Pennsylvania-licensed professional counselor, and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. Kristin utilizes an integrative and functional whole-person, mind-body approach to counseling using a combination of therapeutic strategies, including cognitive-behavioral lifestyle and nutritional-therapy interventions. She focuses on nutritionally dense, whole foods to improve emotional and physical well-being. To learn more about her practice, visit

Wendy Romig is owner of Sage Integrative Health Center in West Mt. Airy ( and a functional nutritionist and clinical herbalist specializing in complex chronic conditions. Wendy offers clinical consultations for a wide range of health concerns, drawing from both ancient traditions and modern evidence-based science. She also teaches classes on nutrition, herbal medicine and integrative health. Wendy is currently pursuing a doctorate in clinical nutrition.

Nicole Schillinger has worked as a clinical registered dietitian for over 10 years in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. She is also a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Now directing her own private practice, The Functional Health Center (, she uses medical nutrition therapy to help individuals with diseases improve the quality of their lives. “It is very gratifying to successfully educate patients with several disease states,” she says. “I’m able to give them the tools to adjust their lifestyle, make healthier choices, follow an exercise regimen and feel better about themselves.”

Liz Traison Witkin is a registered-dietitian student at LaSalle University and also working on her masters in human nutrition. A Detroit native, she moved to Philadelphia in 2015 and has worked in community nutrition. Last year, as a Dorot fellow in Israel, she worked for renowned chef Ezra Kedem as a sous chef and farm manager. Ask her about lacto-fermentation, yogurt making and kitchen-sink soups.