Check It Out!

Going On in Grocery

A2 Milk takes a stand in Ambler. And Royal Mile brews up South Jersey java goodness.

The latest milk designed for the lactose sensitive has earned a spot in the refrigerated case in Ambler. A2 Milk, from Boulder, CO, comes from cows that only make the A2 protein. (Most bovines produce both A1 and A2, and A1 is difficult for some of us to digest.) No growth hormones, rBST or antibiotics, and it’s available in whole and 2% varieties.

Meanwhile, on the Hill, Haddon Township’s Royal Mile Coffee has grabbed a couple spots just below the coffee-bean bins. Owners Jamie and Jess Blanchard are mostly self-taught roasters who source their beans from three distributors as well as directly from a few estates in Nicaragua. Their Dark Ness Monster and Espresso Jawn are $9.99 each for a 12-ounce bag.

Bulk & Beyond

A Metropolitan granola returns to Mt. Airy. And sriracha cashews are firing up Ambler.

Call it a case of too much of a good thing: Sales of Philly’s Metropolitan Bakery pomegranate cinnamon granola at The Incredible Bulk didn’t stack up so well compared to their other offerings, so it was discontinued a few years ago. But now, this mélange of oats, honey, goji berries, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, pomegranate molasses and spices is getting a second pass. Bag it up for $10.25 a pound.

Meanwhile in Ambler, the Fraternity of Flavored Nuts has welcomed a new member. Conventional Sriracha cashews are available bagged for ballpark snacking, preseason football watching and/or your late summer craft-beer tasting (two of those activities can be combined, actually). They’re $11.39 a pound.

Cropping Up at the Farm Market

Organic teas from Pure Blend of Chester County.

When making your cooler weather tea plans, consider going local with what you’re sipping. Pureblend teas were developed by Kari Dandrea, a yoga teacher from West Chester, who put them together with a nod toward wellness. Her mixtures, including white peach sangria, Alice in Wonderland (white peony tea and herbs) and Mystic Jasmine, can be found by the register in one-ounce bags for $4.99 or Steep & Serve two-packs for $5.69. The latter size makes a gallon, and you don’t have to wait for fall to get a taste; the market also sells iced-tea-worthy blends like raspberry sangria and Mediterranean Mint. (In Mt. Airy, three varieties of 2-ounce Pureblends are on the packaged tea shelf on the second floor for $8.69.)

— Karen Plourde