Here’s to Rags! (Can We Put That on a T-Shirt?)

I’m even prouder to be a member of the Co-op today than I was yesterday due to learning that Co-op policy is rags over paper towels. I saw this in action at the Chestnut Hill store, as a cashier wiped the counter with, yes, a rag. I expressed my delight and she replied in a manner that conveyed astonishment that something other than a rag might be used. And the cashier was not someone like me who recalls the cry of the ragman as he traversed the city streets in Springfield, MA, in his horse and cart in the 1950s. This was a person in her 20s. I’m actually beyond proud, I’m pleased beyond measure because now I can carry news of this enlightened policy to a household or two, or 20, where rags are not recognized for their superior cleaning capacity and durability, nor for their economy and their reduced environmental impact.

Using rags is no longer just a weird way of mine. Thank you, Weavers Way!

It may not be rags to riches, but it is rags keeping more money in the pocket and more trees in the woods. I hope others also will find this news worthy of pride in our Co-op and worthy of spreading.

— Lynn Mather