Editor's Note

Mary Sweeten, Editor, Weavers Way Shuttle

Two seasonal topics this month:

A letter to the editor came over the transom recently. (Figure of speech; there aren’t actually any transoms here at Shuttle HQ.) It was a request from a Weavers Way staffer who asked to remain anonymous. Well, I don’t publish anonymous letters, but this person made a good point that I’m putting in my column. 

To wit:

In our often crowded aisles — and they’re only going to get more crowded as the holidays approach, fa la la la la — shoppers sometimes put a hand on a back or shoulder to signal that they’re squeezing past. Then there are people who routinely casually touch others. No harm is meant, but there are cultural differences around touching. Some people don’t like it — I mean, they REALLY don’t like it. 

So if you’re a toucher, please try to be mindful. 

After all, nobody ever got in trouble for NOT touching somebody.

The other seasonal topic is related to, well, you know, politics. I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but . . . you WILL be voting on Nov. 6 — right?