Editor’s Note: We Can't Give Up on Unity, and How Should We Update Norman's Column?

Karen Plourde, Editor, Weavers Way Shuttle

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to give in to my inner procrastinator and wait to make any comments on the election until next month, even though I’ll be writing them before Election Day and the paper will be published Nov. 6, after it’s been decided. Well, maybe after it’s been decided. Did you just groan, inwardly or out loud? I did.

But first, this: Although there are times (including this year) when it’s natural to feel afraid, any person or group that trades on a constant drumbeat of fear demonstrates a lack of concern for those they say they represent. And it’s a strategy that brings out the worst in humanity, as history has shown.

We’ve seen this year that smaller groups of people marching, speaking out and reaching out to those in need can bring about change. Society-wide unity may be a thing to strive for more than an achievable goal, but we can’t give up on it, because we can accomplish more by pooling our resources and efforts than by splintering into factions. Let’s hope for and work toward a shift in tone that leads to concrete change going forward.

Speaking of change, it looks like it’s time for Purchasing Manager Norman Weiss’ column to get an update. Basically, folks aren’t hanging around the Co-op to write their suggestions in the black binder anymore. Staff are encouraged to write down “Snapshots” of observations from shoppers, but there’s rarely any follow up on what we’ve done.

So Norman needs to tap into the minds of shoppers in a new way. Should we leap back into the late 20th century and give Suggestions its own email address? What about voicemail? We occasionally get questions and comments via Messenger on our Facebook page, but Norman isn’t a Facebook kinda guy.

We don’t want your feedback to disappear down a chasm. Email Norman (normanb@weaversway.coop) or me (editor@weaversway.coop) and tell us which means of communication you think would work best.

Catch you in the pages [ugh] next month.