Staff Celebrity Spotlight: Terry Powell

Current job: Front End at Mt. Airy and Across the Way

Since when: April, 2015

Other jobs at the Co-op: Produce Mt. Airy, floor Mt. Airy, POS, Finance

Previous jobs: He spent 25 years doing various types of clinical research in Philly and Atlanta. He also worked as a quality control analyst for a year at Peter Paul Cadbury in Hazleton.

Where he’s from/where he lives now: West Hazleton/West Mt. Airy, with his friends Bill and Maggie and their cat, Lolo.

How he got to the Co-op: He was laid off from his research coordinator job at Wyeth Research in 2009 after 20 years there. He didn’t work for four or five years, and eventually moved from Center City to Mt. Airy to save on expenses. He worked as a lifestyle assistant for a family in the area for a while, then found his way to the Co-op, starting as a paid cooperator.

Education: He has a bachelor’s in biology from Kutztown University.

Outside pursuits: He’s an artist who taught himself to work with watercolors. He paints and makes greeting cards for family and friends.

What he likes about the job: “I really like talking to people, and I like the older folks who come in… I like talking to the shoppers; I know a lot of them by first name.”

Favorite Co-op products: My House quiche, items in Mt. Airy’s sandwich case (especially the chicken Caesar salad).

A little Co-op love: “I like the principles of the Co-op. I like the idea that we’re helping the community, and we’re buying local, helping local farmers and local businesses.”

— Karen Plourde