Food Moxie

Thanks to...

  • Compass MicroGrant Program volunteers and staff including Anne Andres, Kelsey Bailey, Beth Dahle, Andrew Dunheimer, Joseph Harlan, David Kreisman, Jenna Leibowitz and Megan Tomey
  • Haverford Fellows and staff including Alexandra Edwards, Janet Lion and Sarina Smith
  • Summer youth program partners Saul High School, U-School, 8th and Poplar Garden
  • Patricia Kind Family Foundation
  • MLK High School, Ruth Bennett Community Farm, Chester Food Bank, Weavers Way Farm for their support of our ongoing food and plant distributions
  • All our recent individual donors, sustainers, high five members and volunteers
  • All our partners, their staff and teachers
  • The Food Moxie board
  • The ongoing support from Weavers Way Cooperative staff and members

For their support!