WMAN Renews Commitment to Continue Fighting Racism

Dear Neighbors of West Mt. Airy,

West Mt. Airy Neighbors has a proud history of residents and local businesses joining hands to help create a community in which people of all backgrounds, races and religions can live side by side.

However, there is more work to be done.

It is a heartbreaking tragedy that, in 2020, we have to collectively shout “Black Lives Matter” because that statement is not universally accepted in this country.

It is a heartbreaking tragedy that in 2020, our neighbors have to be worried about things as routine as jogging, owning a cellphone, or bird watching in Central Park.

It is a heartbreaking tragedy that, in 2020, we have to demand justice for the murder of an innocent, unarmed black man.

Would those four officers have been charged if the murder of George Floyd didn’t spark global outrage?

All words seem inadequate, but silence is not an option.

It is time for WMAN to go back to its roots, and activate the community once again, to continue the fight against racism. WMAN recognizes that it has a platform and a steadfast desire to support our entire community. We began this renewed commitment with a community forum on the evening of Tuesday, June 9.

Mt. Airy can feel like a bubble at times, but we are certainly not immune to the issues at hand. The tendrils of institutional racism are pulling at the fabric of our historically and beautifully diverse community.

WMAN will continue to stand with all neighbors in this fight against countless racial injustices.

We will work to make our programming more comprehensive.

We will continue to listen to the voices of our community with humility and we will not look away.

We will continue to create space for our community to share their stories and ideas as we are committed to help create change and look forward to working with you to help our community heal and grow.

The Board and Staff of West Mt. Airy Neighbors